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Bike to Work Day

Wednesday, June 27th, is Denver’s Bike to Work Day. Check the website to find where breakfast stations around the city will be. Prizes will be given away. Also myself and a few others from Dong’s Cycling Pals will be posted up next to a few of the breakfast stations doing some free bike repairs in the morning. Good way to start a Wednesday.


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Loops Group Ride

Loops is a Tuesday night bike ride through out central Denver. The ride covers approximately 15 to 20 miles and makes 3 to 4 stops along the way. Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace and meet at the stops that are posted on xrocksthespot.com the day of the ride. The ride meets every Tuesday night at Crema Coffee House (29th & Larimer) Come out and ride with us, make friends, and have a good time.

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Saturday Ride – The House on the Hill

Followed Bear Creek from the Platte up to Evergreen, CO. Had intended to check out the ride up to Mt. Squaw, but went South rather than North, in Evergreen. Oh well, looked like I just missed the rodeo parade in town. Had legs for a little more climbing, so went up over Grapevine Rd and looped back to Morrison for a Dale’s Pale Ale.

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Denver Century Ride

The 3rd annual Denver Century Ride is this Sunday, the 17th. Meet up is at Stapleton Central Park (8775 E. Marting Luther King Jr. Blvd, Denver, CO 80238). Register online or on the day of the ride. Registration will start at 5:30 a.m. or show up late a poach the ride. If you do register you’ll have access to the food and beverage stops though. Pretty fun ride after the group gets really strung out going up Lookout Mountain. There is a 5, 25, 62, 85, and 100 mile loop, so anyone including families can participate and complete a route.

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Salvagetti Bike Shop Moving!

It’s that time of year, Salvagetti is moving again. In July they will be moving the operation to their new location at 3800 Irving St up in the Highlands/Sunnyside. Would seem to me that they’re giving up a prime location where the main Denver trails intersect downtown, but I guess time will tell how this move goes.

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TRVE Brewing

TRVE brewing is opening a location at 227 Broadway in Denver on June 27. They’re a nanobrewer with a heavy black metal influence, can get on board with that. They are selling 266 memberships into their CVLT starting this Saturday. Membership includes:

• A hand numbered and signed growler
• Five free refills of your growler
• Access to growler fills at any time. $7 a fill regardless of the beer
• Invitations to Cvlt members-only special release events
• Some other fun surprises

Details on the program can be found here.

TRVE Brewing
227 Broadway #101, Denver, CO 80203

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AICA Typeface Bike Race – Denver

  • Terminal Velocity Type Race

    Terminal Velocity

    Saturday, June 23 / Register

    A team photo scavenger hunt for found typography in downtown Denver. Grab your bike and your best pals for a day of riding around the town and looking for hidden type gems. Then celebrate with us to see who got all the answers right and took the best photographs of Denver’s incredible typography. Special thanks to Matter, the I Heart Denver Store and the Denver Pavilions for making this event possible.

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Kaladi Bros. Coffee

If you’re in Denver or ever visit, Kaladi Brothers Coffee is an essential stop. This is a favorite meetup point for DU area cyclists. You’ll know when you’re close because the aroma of the beans roasting can be smelled from blocks around. Only certified organic and fair-trade beans are used. If that isn’t enough, Kaladi Brothers roasts their beans in-house, with an air-roaster as opposed to the more popular drum-roaster. The result is a much cleaner, less bitter coffee. For those hot days, when you need a cold drink, I would highly suggest their special brewed “VC”. Equal to the excellent coffee is the beautiful, and always wonderful baristas (not pictured are the oh so handsome baristos). So on your next ride be sure to stop by pre, mid, or post and get your caffeine fix on. Oh and for those out of staters that may just want to try some of the beans, they’re available for order online.

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Schmitt Elementary Bicycle Fiesta

Some photos from the first event put on by Dong’s Cycling Pals at Schmitt Elementary in Denver, CO. More can be found on their Facebook page. Can’t wait until the next one in the fall!

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