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Jeffco Bicycle Plan

Jefferson County cyclists are weighing in on what improvements they would like to see with their cycling infrastructure. No funding has been approved yet, but at least the conversation is started. Keep up the good fight. I’m especially liking the expansion of canyon roads. Also look forward to improvements along US 36 to Boulder. According to, there will be a new bike lane adjacent to the highway.

Jefferson County Bicycle Plan

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BioLite Campstove

This device looks pretty cool. Would like to give it a try sometime. Comes in at the very fair price of $129.00

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Kaladi Bros. Coffee

If you’re in Denver or ever visit, Kaladi Brothers Coffee is an essential stop. This is a favorite meetup point for DU area cyclists. You’ll know when you’re close because the aroma of the beans roasting can be smelled from blocks around. Only certified organic and fair-trade beans are used. If that isn’t enough, Kaladi Brothers roasts their beans in-house, with an air-roaster as opposed to the more popular drum-roaster. The result is a much cleaner, less bitter coffee. For those hot days, when you need a cold drink, I would highly suggest their special brewed “VC”. Equal to the excellent coffee is the beautiful, and always wonderful baristas (not pictured are the oh so handsome baristos). So on your next ride be sure to stop by pre, mid, or post and get your caffeine fix on. Oh and for those out of staters that may just want to try some of the beans, they’re available for order online.

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Tracko Cycling Caps

Kyle, over at trackosaurusrex, just made and sold out of a Bud cycling cap he made out of some old curtains. These guys make one of my favorite summer cycling caps I’ve ever owned. They’re lightweight, breathable, dry fast, and have a snug but not tight fit like say Pace. More beer caps please!

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Opinion: Cadence Stow Pouch

The Stow Pouch by Cadence, is a nice accessory for days out on the bike. Easily fits a small camera or hair product stash. Less easily fits an ipod or iphone. The pouch looks very nice on a belt and doesn’t interfere with any movements. Really convenient for taking pictures from the saddle without trying to dig through jersey pockets. One gripe would be the janky zipper. First one I ordered took a week to break. Minor suggestion would be to add a little hole to the top so headphones can be plugged into a podular device. Made in the USA and at $15, not bad.

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