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BioLite Campstove

This device looks pretty cool. Would like to give it a try sometime. Comes in at the very fair price of $129.00

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AICA Typeface Bike Race – Denver

  • Terminal Velocity Type Race

    Terminal Velocity

    Saturday, June 23 / Register

    A team photo scavenger hunt for found typography in downtown Denver. Grab your bike and your best pals for a day of riding around the town and looking for hidden type gems. Then celebrate with us to see who got all the answers right and took the best photographs of Denver’s incredible typography. Special thanks to Matter, the I Heart Denver Store and the Denver Pavilions for making this event possible.

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Bike Jerks Kit Preorder

Reposted from the Bike Jerks site:

This kit project has been a long time in the making and I’m super proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to preorder the first ever Bike Jerks stretchy riding ensemble.

Designed with help from Twin Six, our home slice Saisha, and a little guidance from the Bike Jerks readership, we’re mad stoked to bring these forth into the physical world.

The kit is being produced in partnership with Minneapolis’ own Twin Six, is made in these United States, and features T6’s signature cut which is not quite race, not quite club, but just right.  If you’re looking for sizing charts their site has them here.

As part of the preorder I am able to offer you these bad boys at a 20% discount off standard retail.  This is for preorders only, and the deadline to order is 6/15 so don’t dilly dally.

This may be the only kit I ever get to do, so if you’re into stretchy clothing, it’s time to rep the set.

Head over to the main Bike Jerks site to get on it.

Bike Jerks 2012 Jersey
Preorder Price $60


Jersey Available in Men’s and Women’s Cuts

Bike Jerks 2012 Bibs
Preorder Price $80

Bibs Available in Men’s Only

Expect delivery towards the middle of July, but remember, your smart ass is saving some huge coin by participating in the preorder, and I’ll throw in some cool swag to boot.

Thanks to you all for making this possible.

As usual please go to the Bike Jerks site to order.


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Spoke Cards – Denver Spoke























This is a set of spoke cards designed for a local bike shop. The spoke cards also served as a punch card system for the service department. Printed on rigid vinyl w/ UV coating to protect from harsh elements. Next round, will plan ahead to have shop cut them out.

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