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Waterton Canyon

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Saturday Ride – The House on the Hill

Followed Bear Creek from the Platte up to Evergreen, CO. Had intended to check out the ride up to Mt. Squaw, but went South rather than North, in Evergreen. Oh well, looked like I just missed the rodeo parade in town. Had legs for a little more climbing, so went up over Grapevine Rd and looped back to Morrison for a Dale’s Pale Ale.

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2012 Tour Divide Race

Ride The Divide Movie Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

The Tour Divide Race is underway! The route features dirt roads and jeep trails that traverse the mountain passes along the Continental Divide. The race goes through Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and the United States of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico totaling 2745 miles and about 200,000 feet of climbing. All of this is of coarse self-supported. Check out the live tracker on the website to see where each rider is. Best of luck to all the cyclists!

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A gift from me, to you

If you haven’t heard of the website The Clymb, you’ve been living uncomfortably under a rock, and you’re missing out. It’s necessary for every dirtbag, or aspiring dirtbag, to check it out. There’s discounted gear at 40-70% off retail on some of the best equipment for all your outofdoors pursuits. It’s much like woot, in that the product sales expire after a couple days and they’re always rotating. A couple months ago I snagged a very nice Lezyne rear rack for my Surly, and last night purchased a High Sierra pack originally $220 for only $70. This is an invite only site, so I’ve posted a link below to access all the deals. You’ve got nothing to loose and only a bunch of inexpensive high quality gear to gain. You’re welcome.

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A Trip Called Quest

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Grapevine Rd.

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Golden Gate Canyon

Share the road or IMA fuckin kill you…

This weekend I loaded up the Surly and headed up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The ride had its ups and downs, no pun intended. First off this is the first cycling and camping ride I’ve done. A couple weekends before I had done a scouting ride most of the way up the canyon road until it ramped up and I aborted. Well the fears of being beat and battered by the steepest sections of the road were very appropriate. After passing through Golden it took somewhere between 4-5 hours of climbing and pushing the bike up sections. I realized then that it takes a much much different attitude towards cycling to complete your objecting when pushing a fully loaded bike. Generally riding with traffic doesn’t bother me that much, but this road was hell. All the rumors of stupid fuckers hauling up their campers became apparent when one crept up a few feet behind me, laid on the horn, then proceeded to pass half in my lane, half in the left lane, and head on into oncoming traffic coming down the canyon. What the fuck…Once I finally got up to the park I find out that the campground is full. This made me loath all the people rarely giving me any room on the road even more. So I sat down by the visitors center and put down the tallboy I picked up along route. My options seemed to be to a. hitch hike back to Golden, b. use the pay phone and try to get someone to come pick me up, or c. hike 2 miles into the backcountry and set up camp without water or a fire and thus no diner. Fortunately at this point I was reminded why I enjoy cycling. While I was figuring out my next step I started talking to an older gentleman who was at the park with his wife. They were also annoyed with how the park is run and were willing to give me a lift back if I wanted. I chose to go with option C and hike into the hills. This turned out to be really awesome, minus the hunger and thirst. Fortunately I did have one more Coors on reserve and nursed that thing all night. The next morning I got up when the birds awoke, packed up camp and headed down to find some water. Found a spigot on the back of the visitor center, filled my bottles and started to climb out. The ride down made the trip even more worthwhile. It’s an awesome feeling not having to pedal for over 30 minutes pushing 30 mph downhill. Once back to Golden I stopped in at Las Margaritas and had the best breakfast burrito ever. Link to a map of my route below, and more insight on the trip to come.

Find more Bike Ride in Denver, CO

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Sunday Ride


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Gone Fishin’

Got the Surly rig reconfigured for a ride up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park from Denver. Much lighter load compared to the pipe dream that was the last attempt.

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Sunday Ride

Sunday was a beautiful day matched with a beautiful ride. Missed the meet up at the shop, due to conflicting info on the departure time. Oh well, wasn’t hard to find the motivation to ride on solo.

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