A gift from me, to you

If you haven’t heard of the website The Clymb, you’ve been living uncomfortably under a rock, and you’re missing out. It’s necessary for every dirtbag, or aspiring dirtbag, to check it out. There’s discounted gear at 40-70% off retail on some of the best equipment for all your outofdoors pursuits. It’s much like woot, in that the product sales expire after a couple days and they’re always rotating. A couple months ago I snagged a very nice Lezyne rear rack for my Surly, and last night purchased a High Sierra pack originally $220 for only $70. This is an invite only site, so I’ve posted a link below to access all the deals. You’ve got nothing to loose and only a bunch of inexpensive high quality gear to gain. You’re welcome.


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One thought on “A gift from me, to you

  1. Eli says:

    I really like The Clymb, I’ve snagged some awesome deals from their site. Seems really slick and streamlined too. Shipping kind of takes a while though, and good deals sell out fast. I found this review that weights the pros and cons of The Clymb well http://rockclimbingstrength.com/the-clymb-review-are-the-deals-any-good/

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